Diversity Rocks

Our life – private, as society or in general – often seems to be highly complicated these days.

However, when concentrating on the similarities, the basic needs and desires, it becomes apparent very quickly that people everywhere are longing for the same things – peace, health and a livelihood that allows them and there children to lead a good life.

These desires and needs form the bond that ties us together as members of the global community – despite all differences, which in consequence we should refuse to pay attention to. Diversity, its possibilities and the similarities are what counts!

Bridging the Gap (2022), 155 x 119 cm
Dripping Rainbow (2022), 193 x 192 cm
Ties That Bind (2020), 215 x 215 cm
Be Yourself (2019), 50 x 157 cm
Vanishing Points (2018), 220 x 150 cm
When Opposites Mingle… (2018), 78 x 123 cm
Never Understimate the Small (2018), 76 x 95 cm
Bubble Ballet (2017), 100 x 100 cm