About Birgit

Birgit Schüller

(Born 1969)

Artist Statement

Artist – Quilter – Human

I’m a self-taught quilter living in Germany. I discovered my passion for textiles and painting with needles and threads pretty much by accident.

My work covers a wide spectrum of activities from longarm quilting as a business to creating fiber artwork.

In 2005, I opened my longarm quilting business and at the same time started to design and make my original quilts and quilted garments, that I have been entering in uncountable international competitions and shows ever since. Over the years, these quilts and garments have won numerous prestigious awards.

After sixteen highly successful years entering quilt shows and contest globally, I retired from the quilt show circus in 2019.

Today, I work more freely with a strong focus on quilting art.

My artistic journey promises to remain exciting.

Besides my work as an artist, one of my goals is to help raise awareness for quilted works to be considered art with the same recognition and reputation as paintings or sculptures.

In my functions as Handi Quilter Ambassador and Educator and as patchwork/quilting/longarm quilting teacher I attend and work at many shows and events all over Europe and around the globe.

I believe in networking and sharing. It’s no secret that I’m widely available to answer questions, to give advise based on my own experience, to help organize events and to work out ideas – all the while striving to strengthen the quilters‘ confidence and to promote and support the highly diverse world of quilting!