Pattern – Nested Flying Geese – Paper Piecing

Creating modular blocks

With this Nested Flying Geese approach, I have tried to add a contemporary, even modern twist to the traditional Flying Geese block. When I started out I used cardboard templates to make this technique work. That required quite some preparatory work.

Thus, I searched for a way to simplify the process and ended up with:


One of the benefits is, that I now can offer my blocks in not just one, but in THREE sizes, which can be mixed and matched freely!

I am providing the paper piecing templates, general instructions and some of my layout ideas in English and German FREE OF CHARGE. And I explicitly encourage you to share it with your fellow quilters!

The paper piecing templates, the instructions and my layout ideas – together or in parts – may not be sold anywhere and by anybody; sharing must always happen free of charge!

I also encourage you to translate this material into additional languages as long as you don’t violate my copyright (please send me an email to get the OpenOffice document). I ask you to send me the translation so that I can make them available to the public, too.

Photos of any projects created based on my instructions and templates may be published using the hashtag #NestedFlyingGeese.