Update: After the WQC 2019 I didn’t continue the coordination for Germany. Unfortunately, to the present day I have not been able to find someone to take over this job. Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


The World Quilt Competition (WQC) is a juried challenge of Mancuso Show Management in the U.S.A., which attracts quilts from all over the world. Coordinators in the individual countries collect the quilts and send them to the U.S.A. in one shipment per country. If at least ten quilts come from one country, there’s an additional “Best of Country” prize.

Coordinator for Germany:

Creative BiTS
Birgit Schüller
Schachtstr. 5
66292 Riegelsberg
Phone: +49 6806-920447

The detailed application instructions are available every year from mid-March. If you are living in Germany and interested in participating, send me your contact information year-round and I’ll send the instructions as soon as they are available.

The deadline for handing in your application is always mid-May. By that time, you need to have handed in your application and photos of up to two quilts (by e-mail) to the coordinator for Germany.

If your quilts are accepted, the deadline for sending the quilts to the coordinator is always at the beginning of July!

Sponsors for the WQC for Germany

Mancuso Show Management

Freudenberg Vlies