Wholecloth Quilting – Efficient Yet Spectacular

(2 hours lecture/demo AND 2-3 hours hands-on longarm machine
5-6 hours demo/hands-on combined)

Have you ever been approached by a customer who ordered wholecloth quilting but was reluctant to pay the heirloom rate? Join Birgit in this hands-on class and get to know her way of wholecloth quilting for customers with hardly any up-front marking. You will learn how to draft your ideas on paper first and then use this draft as a reference while quilting away…

ZigZaging the Modern Way

(2- or 3-hour hands-on, longarm machine)

You are using your straight edge ruler mostly to stitch in the ditch or to quilt frames?
Think again! These slim tools are so much more versatile!
Find out how, in no time, a straight line becomes a zigzag line bearing the potential for uncountable variations. Different angles and increments, regular or irregular zigzaging, using filler patterns or not – only the sky is the limit! These zigzag quilting pattern are a wonderful match for modern or geometric quilts.
Come and see for yourself!

Arcs & Ovals – Going Celtic

(2- or 3-hours hands-on longarm)

Let’s play with some ordinary arc and oval rulers and unveil your design potential by combining them with your favorite filler or motif patterns. Find out how you can create Celtic motifs and elements (and more!) by using arc and oval rulers. This will take your creativity to a new level. Be brave and inventive in your quilting – and have FUN!