You Can Do It! – Customized Machine Quilting on the DSM

(6-hour class, domestic sewing machine)

Great! You have pieced that new beautiful quilt top, you like the design, you love the colors, the piecing went like a charm … and what’s next?

This awesome top could be condemned to become yet another item in your ever growing UFO pile – except when you allow Birgit to show you how to decide on and to design quilting motifs that suit both your quilt top as well as your machine quilting skills.

Machine quilting on your DSM is no magic – but the results very well may look like it!


Triangle Fun

(6-hour hands-on piecing, DMS)

Do you like to play? And do you love – surprises? Well, then you may want to join in the fun and play with a bunch of triangles to make a contemporary wallhanging. Choose 14 to 16 fabrics forming a gradation from color A to color B (about 8“ WOF per fabric) and cut two 60° triangles from each fabric (6“ side length). Are you brave enough to add a wild fabric to your selection for that additional interest? Bring your triangles and ALL left over fabric along to class and let the fun begin! We’ll cut, switch, stitch and cut the triangles several times for a surprising result…

Holes As Design Element

(6-hour hands-on piecing, domestic sewing machine)

Traditionally, holes in a quilt are evidence of poor care, rough handling and damage. In this class, Birgit will show you how to incorporate holes in your quilts on purpose – as design element! There are different ways of doing this, and you’ll gain a new view not only at but also through your quilts!