Mandala – Painting with Needle and Thread

(2 or 3 hours, hands-on longarm machine)

Similar to a page from a coloring book, each student will be provided with a quilt sandwich that will have the main lines of our mandala project pre-quilted using tone-on-tone thread.

Following your heart‘s desire, you will add more quilting lines, motifs and patterns in class (whether you stick with the reference drawing or not – that‘s completely up to you!). And finally, you will fill the spaces you have created with (thread) colors. It‘s the goal of the class that you dive in, play with and enjoy the large variety or different threads provided!

Feathered Feathers

(2- or 3-hours, hands-on longarm machine)

Everybody loves feathers! Over and over again!

But how about something more extraordinary than just your usual, classic and formal feathers? My suggestion: Why not try “feathered feathers” sampler-style as a decorative highlight for your quilt – very unique and individual and quilted free-hand!

Wholecloth Quilting – Efficient Yet Spectacular

(2 hours lecture/demo AND 2-3 hours hands-on longarm machine
5-6 hours demo/hands-on combined)

Have you ever been approached by a customer who ordered wholecloth quilting but was reluctant to pay the heirloom rate? Join Birgit in this hands-on class and get to know her way of wholecloth quilting for customers with hardly any up-front marking. You will learn how to draft your ideas on paper first and then use this draft as a reference while quilting away…