Update Juli 28th, 2021 – Things are starting to get serious!

In order to be able to fully concentrate on packing and later unpacking our household and studio, Creative BiTS is taking a


from August 15th until September 30th, 2021

Starting at the beginning of October, I plan to resume working on customer projects.

Once the entire set of new contact information is complete, I’m going to share them here.

Enjoy the summer, stay well and keep your positive attitude.

Best, Birgit

Attention – There is Change on the Horizon!

Dear quilting customers and friends,

In the second half of 2021, Creative BiTS is going to move to a new location!

Many things will stay the same, others are going to change:

After having had my longarm quilting studio set up in a windowless attic for more than 16 years, I’m excited to work in a sun-lit, ground-level and 70 m² large studio in the future!

Of course, I will continue to professionally quilt your quilt tops. But the shipping address, my telephone and account numbers will be different ones. Thus, I’d like to ask you to always contact me before sending a project my way.

Thanks to the new studio layout, I finally will be able to offer longarm classes in my own place.

Furthermore, the plan is for you to be able to book longarm machine time for quilting your own tops.

Over the next weeks and months, I’m going to keep you updated on the details of our move – here and on all other regular channels.

Stays well and keep your positive attitude.

Best, Birgit

On the pages of Creative BiTS, I’d like to show that patchwork and quilting is more than sewing together fabric patches. Creative design, as I understand it, means diving into shapes, colors and patterns, that often develop a life of their own in my quilts.

Thus, it’s no wonder that I continue to be fascinated by the infinite number of possilities when it comes to playing with all kinds of fabrics. New ideas seem to develop automatically.

This creates new challenges all the time – teaching, since 2005 creatively longarm quilting customer quilts and my own show quilts, designing patterns and coming up with my own quilting designs, and nobody knows what exciting things the future will bring…

At the end of of 2015, I have become a member of an amazing group of creative people, the team of Handi Quilter Ambassadors/Educator! I’m enjoying the  creative cooperation with the Handi Quilter teams in the U.S.A. and in Germany, who allow me to voice and realize my ideas.

In the beginning of 2018 I joined the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), an association whose main objective is to further the art quilt and art quilters.
In March 2019, I accepted to become the current regional representative for the SAQA Europe & Middle East region.

Please feel free to browse my site a bit. Under photos there are more samples of my work for customers and on my blog you can find a lineup of my award-winning quilts.

I’d like to encourage you to join me in exploring my designs and the joy that patchwork and quilting as a creative and truly remarkable art form is instilling. Be warned, though: as many of you know, the quilting virus is a life-long affliction…

Happy stitching,

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